A century of Nature: twenty-one discoveries that changed by Laura Garwin, Tim Lincoln, Steven Weinberg PDF

By Laura Garwin, Tim Lincoln, Steven Weinberg

ISBN-10: 0226284158

ISBN-13: 9780226284156

Some of the clinical breakthroughs of the 20th century have been first suggested within the magazine Nature. A Century of Nature brings jointly in a single quantity Nature's maximum hits—reproductions of seminal contributions that modified technological know-how and the realm, observed by way of essays written via top scientists (including 4 Nobel laureates) that offer ancient context for every article, clarify its insights in swish, obtainable prose, and have fun the serendipity of discovery and the rewards of attempting to find needles in haystacks.

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B. A new fossil skull from Olduvai. Nature 184, 491–493 (1959). 6. Johanson, D. , White, T. D. & Coppens, Y. A new species of the genus Australopithecus (Primates : Hominidae) from the Pliocene of eastern Africa. Kirtlandia (Cleveland, Ohio) 28, 1–14 (1978). 7. Brunet, M. et al. A new hominid from the Upper Miocene of Chad, Central Africa. Nature 418, 145–151 (2002). 8. Stringer, C. & McKie, R. African Exodus: The Origins of Modern Humanity (Cape, London, 1996). Further reading Dart, R. A. The osteodontokeratic culture of Australopithecus prometheus (Transvaal Museum Memoir No.

Such an atom would have very novel properties . . it should be able to move freely through matter . . it may be impossible to contain it in a sealed vessel. On the other hand, it should enter readily the structure of atoms. . The existence of such atoms seems almost necessary to explain the building up of the nuclei of heavy elements; for unless we suppose the production of charged particles of very high velocities it is difficult to see how any positively charged particle can reach the nucleus of a heavy atom against its intense repulsive field.

Each quantum of light would have an amount of energy proportional to the frequency of the light— a relationship expressed in the equation E ϭ hν, where E is energy, ν (the Greek letter “nu”) is frequency, and h is a constant of proportionality, now 24 akira tonomura known as the Planck constant. In 1905, Albert Einstein famously used the idea of light quanta—later to be named “photons”—to explain the process by which light ejects electrons from atoms (the “photoelectric effect”) and some other phenomena that could not be explained in the framework of classical physics.

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